What Our Students Are Saying…

“I have been an esthetician for over 8 years and have been to numerous schools and trainings during this time. I am currently enrolled in the Advanced Esthetics Para-Medical program at NuAge. I highly recommend this school to anyone considering to advance their education in the esthetics or laser field. NuAge not only offers the most up and coming state of the art equipment for learning but also a culture of instructors dedicated to keeping up to date education their number one priority in this rapidly growing and evolving industry. The instructors are passionate and committed to their students making sure that each and every one of receives the tools and resources needed for success. I can honestly say that this has been the very best school that I have experienced this far and the best investment I’ve ever made for my future and career!”

– Ava Y., Denver, Colorado


“I’ve had the best experience at┬áNuAge… The individualized attention I’ve received has really helped me to succeed!”

– Lauren H., Colorado Springs, Colorado